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Your Identity & Transcend Your Brand

YOUR BRAND doesn’t await in 2023 - You have to create it so you can ride into 2023 like the supernatural Freya you are, surviving Ragnarök, and lighting up your entire realm.

Creating your personal brand needs both your distance and depth. You can’t see your own superpower and the full picture when you’re too close. If you allow yourself to take a few deep, necessary, and thought-provoking steps - the reflection will result in a resilient, elevated, and soulful brand. 


Working with artists, writers and creatives has proved to me that we cannot do this alone. Your story asks for the foundation you’re not willing to share or have a hard time acknowledging and that’s why I’ve developed a new framework: EVOKE. 


If you’re an artist, writer, or creative solopreneur - please know that I got your back. I’ll be hosting a course in the New Year and I’d love to have you on board. This will be an unforgettable experience, at a lovely price.

One-on-One Brand Consultancy

I believe that your foundation is everything. But you might not know how to place it, pin it, or present it. 


The intentions you put out there are most likely what other people have projected on you. 


And why should that be the trajectory of your present and your future - or your business? 


I believe that your personal brand should be the most profound version of you. 


It's a vision that you sometimes have in awakening dreams, but don’t know how to bring to life.  


If you believe that you’re ready to create your personal brand or realign your brand to an unparalleled level - do know that my process invites personal discovery and can be uncomfortably eye-opening.

My Approach
Peeping Through a Leaf_edited_edited.jpg

DIY + Elevated Feedback

I'm sharing my framework with those who are up for the challenge of walking through the blueprint on their own while implementing each step of the way.


If this is something you're up for - know that you'll have my support in this process. Once you've implemented and built out your vision I'll review it and send you thorough feedback. 

How this works: you purchase the blueprint and follow the deep process - once you've implemented the work into something visual like a website - you'll send me the link and I'll respond with a thorough Loom video feedback. 


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