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Evoke Your Identity™ - Design Your Life - Curate Your Story

There’s so much more to Personal Branding than

Your Point of View and Social Media

Anna Rosa Parker Personal Brand Expert

Your brand is an extension of you, and because you might not be fully aware of who you have become, how you make decisions, or how you can connect the dots going forward - your narrative and image are likely unclear to yourself and others.

The first step in creating an unwavering Personal Brand is understanding who you have become - before becoming who you want to be. The success of your brand, business, and being starts with the origin of your personal behaviors and decision-making.

Viking in Heels


anna rosa parker home nyc.jpeg

Hi, I'm Anna Rósa
a.k.a Viking in heels ;) 

I believe in the power of Emotional Intelligence, a Solid Foundation, Leading with Values, and Authentic Storytelling.  

With my background as an actress and playwright, I have a deep level of understanding of character development and storytelling. I also have a background in TV production - both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. 


For the last fifteen years - I’ve been in advertising and marketing spaces working with and for high-profile clients in luxury lifestyle, fashion, and hospitality - I've worked with iconic brands like Nordstrom, Baccarat, and Starwood Resorts & Hotels - and the legendary Venus Williams (to name a few).

Today, I work in-depth via my framework EVOKE - helping clients explore and define their purpose and storytelling while designing their lives.  


My taste is my talent and I LOVE the juxtaposition of High & Low i.e. graffiti & couture - introducing elevated taste to raw spaces. 

My number ONE goal is for my clients to redesign their inner and outer life. To understand and trust their decisions. To curate a beautiful brand that is an authentic extension of themselves. And to navigate and share their ongoing story.

Most people think of Personal Branding as a way to become popular on social media.

My framework is not about social media. As a matter of fact, I’ll help you create a powerful and thriving brand without social media (go ahead and read that again). 

Let me tell you briefly about my framework EVOKE: A technique that invites you to unnovate your brand, business, and being


You’ll be able to unlock the power of your creativity and curate a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

You’ll restructure and change your habits, evolve your emotional intelligence, curate an authentic narrative, AND monetize your talent. 


Unnovation is when we edit, release, honor, adapt, explore, and curate. This is a wildly exciting time for you to design your LIFE, become the DREAM version of YOURSELF, and MONETIZE your talent, vision, and passion.

Anna Rosa Parker Brand Consultant Iceland
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