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One of the questions I often get asked, in addition to “Do you believe in elves”? - is "Why do you need a personal brand if you’re not trying to be famous?"

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated and curious about human behavior and how some people seem to dance through life while others can’t catch a break. I wanted to know how and if we can design our own lives. And how to overcome what hinders us from success, by overcoming anxiety, and cracking the code to truly being ourselves. I also wanted to know how we can finetune and trust our inner compass.

Everything I do comes back to storytelling, character study, and navigating our journeys. Today, I’m proud to have designed a life and career for myself - living and working in New York City and my hometown Reykjavik. I work with clients to help them reshape their businesses and create a personal brand.

My Pitch: “Unnovate” Yourself and Become the Writer of Your Life 

My purpose is to show people who they are vs. whom they think they should be - so they can align with their purpose, passion and create inner freedom. With years of researching and living the teachings of Shakti Gawain, Eckard Tolle, Allyson Byrd, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and other great thinkers; coupled with empathy that grew over years of studying personalities on and off stage, I designed a framework that I was able to use on myself and can be adapted to anyone. 


Working with clients on redesigning their brands while empowering their lives, and speaking in university classrooms (i.e. Tisch School of the Arts, NYU) on the topic - I’ve learned that we all seem to have the need for an inner compass that is our personal brand. We all want to become the person we can count on. 


“Unnovate” Yourself and Become the Writer of Your Life 


Whether you’re going to build something on your own in the marketplace, become a thriving creator, apply for competitive jobs, or graduate schools - your confidence, structure, and decision-making are all affected by your inner compass. 


We’ve heard the sentence: life is understood as going backward but must be lived forward, by the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard. But how do we live forward when we’re constantly living reactively, and looking back to make sense of things? 


Understanding who we are by evoking our identity, or creating a holistic personal brand, allows us to understand our DNA, our inner and outer persona, and how we behave and make decisions. 


I believe that we can "unnovate" ourselves via our personal brand in order to activate our inner compass. 


Adopting this idea will help you tune out some of the noise, find your trueness, build credibility within, and stop looking back to say “oh this makes sense now”. 


My purpose is to help people EVOKE their identity - to strengthen from within and gain a newfound trust for their inner compass and intuition while elevating their emotional intelligence. 

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