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Design The Life You Dream Of 
Mentoring and Storytelling through a Signature Framework

What are you waiting for? 



Through tightly customized sessions, I help women navigate and realign their identities, values, and objectives to level up for success. This is a cutting-edge technique created for you to increase your self-worth and self-awareness while realigning with who you truly are. 


I designed my signature program to help women and creatives find the clarity and courage to live the life they dream of. Through the framework and science-based tools, we work with your unique needs and pain points to shift your habits and behaviors.  


Most of us get stuck at some point in our lives, and can't seem to find a way to realign and move through the stuckness. We’ve become custom to being frustrated and stagnant - living our lives in the identity we created by default and fear.


When we’re directionless we’re more prone to rejections, feeling unworthy, and can’t seem to attract abundance in our lives. 


Together, we'll evoke and realign your authentic identity - who you’re meant to be, and create a new byline. Once you inherently feel whole and you’re leading with your true authentic self - you glide into a place of freedom and success.


Without a measure of a doubt - this work will invite you to design the life you dream of.


Delving into the heart of your brand’s identity, realigning it, and curating an authentic story that attracts the customer you dream of isn’t something we can pull from thin air. It’s a transformative journey built on game-changing insights and massive research.



Together we’ll dive into your brand's DNA to heal the gaps to reflect the depth of your brand. In a world full of sameness and copycats - your brand deserves to increase its effectiveness and attract engaging, interactive, and loyal customers. 


Would you like to see your brand reflect the depths of your passion and hard work? Let’s fuel the tank and invite your people to be inspired by your unique story. Our work together will inspire and reflect real change.


what they said...

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Sóley Elíasdóttir,
Actress + Entrepreneur

Anna understands personalities and brands on a deeper level than I've ever encountered. I plan to work with her until end-of-time. 

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Heather Gates
Entrepreneur + Coach

Anna’s insights and recommendations provided my business with considerable examples and specific direction on how to improve on all digital platforms.

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Interior Design
by Nanna and Ana-Maria 

Anna is an amazing coach and rockstar. With her intuition, incredible gift with words, and wisdom she took us to the top, and now we're on our way.

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