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Anna Rósa used her time in Covid to launch a project where she gets artists to connect and share their knowledge. Around the project, she has created a podcast, but none other than the Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt appeared in it.

interview in Icelandic

Anna Rosa Parker Luxury Copywriter

TCC Podcast 

Embracing Your Inner Viking to Get What You Want, Being an Artistic Entrepreneur, and Writing Holistic Copy with Anna Rosa Parker.

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Reimagining & Rebuilding Your Business After a Crisis

Anna Rosa Parker is a copywriter, and brand strategist who specializes in helping luxury travel and lifestyle brands update and perfect their brand messaging.

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Authenticity is Addictive 

Anna Rosa Parker is a Viking in Heels. She’s an Icelandic-born, NYC-based Brand Consultant and Copywriter who offers bespoke retainers to lifestyle clients and entrepreneurs. 

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The Artist Inclusive Podcast 

Anna Rósa Parker is a Brand Consultant and Creative Director. Via her business Dash of Copy, she works across disciplines with creative entrepreneurs, artists, copywriters, and writers - helping clients transcend their brands beyond their imagination.


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