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Get The ONE Thing You Want

What’s the ONE thing you want more than anything else in your life?

If you were to apply your everything into a single focused project - what would it be?

My guess is that you came to my website and signed up to receive my emails for inspiration and answers. And you’re most likely a multi-passionate person who’s looking for clarity and courage to create the life you dream of. Or I might be totally off here. 

Either way, let’s get into a single focus mood for a second so you can redirect your focus on ONE thing at a time.

Yesterday, I was lecturing at NYU about success after graduation. This was the second lecture of a two-part program. The first session I led the group through my EVOKE framework where the students were able to draft their narrative through an unexpected journey. 

Have you gone through EVOKE yet? If not, hop over to YouTube and go though the steps in this 20 min video. You’ll celebrate afterwards with a newfound clarity and confidence. 

Our confidence can be found in the certainty of our choices, to be in the know of ourselves. When we go through EVOKE we become more confident in our story, as well as in where we came from, where we’re going, in our values, and the newfound clarity in what we want.

Back to yesterday’s lecture, this time I led the students through a storyboard where they created a film of their own lives - exposition, conflict, defeating of the antagonist, epilogue and all. It was such fun and utterly eye opening to them. Understanding the power of a strategy can be such a big clarifying and relieving moment. 

Overwhelm and fear of failure, isn’t in the size of the goal - it’s in the lack of a strategy. 

Now, back to you - what is the ONE thing you’re going to prioritize and strategize until it’s in your bag? Please write down the answer on a piece of paper and place it somewhere you can be reminded of it every single day. Next to your ONE thing, write down five steps that help you bring the ONE thing closer to you. The steps can be anything from signing up for a marketing course, starting and sticking to a meditation practice, calling upon old friends for a favor, organizing your closet, purchasing a new tool/system for your artistic career or business. 

Understanding and admitting what you want THE MOST will get you half way there. Believe in the power of clarity, and align your daily actions alongside your ONE big dream.

And please don’t be a stranger. Connect with me on Insta or send me a note.

Until next time.


Anna R. 

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